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If you want to launch wizd at Windows startup, you should consider using WizdXP ... or you could find a little application to run any wizd as a service (try google search).

Wizd is a linux server, ported to Windows thanks to cygwin ; you can compile wizd for any Linux platform by yourself.

If you've got any erros with "cygwin1.dll", you have two options :
- remove any "cygwin1.dll" other than the one in your wizd folder
- get the same version of "cygwin1.dll" averywhere in your computer (and especially in /Windows/system32/)

Wizd supports TS seamless playback : 
- mymovie.01.ts 
- mymovie.02.ts 
- mymovie.03.ts 
will be merged into one movie "mymovie.ts"



You can use the "alias" command in the wizd.conf file to point to various directories on different hard drives, so not all of the files have to be located under a single directory on a single hard drive. This way, you can have several "movielias", several "musicalias" etc...

You can make an alias to your "Favorites" folder so that your Internet Explorer favorites list is available for browsing from your networked player.

You can merge many folders from different hard drives into one unique alias. For example :
movielias   Videos   C:\My movies
movielias   Videos   D:\Others\TV shows
... will me merged into one "Videos" alias



For DVD navigation by title and chapter the .ifo and .vob files must be in a "VIDEO_TS" subfolder.

DVD menus are not yet supported (only chapters, audio tracks and subtitles).

You can control the DVD playlist generation with a setting in the wizd.conf file. When the "flag_split_vob_chapters" is "true", then the DVD playlist files that get generated will automatically split the VOB files by chapter. This makes navigation by chapter a little nicer, but you will get a 1-second pause between each chapter.
If you set this flag to "false" (the default setting) then the playlist will contain the chapter points, but each playlist item will play from that chapter to the end of the file. In this way you can easily navigate forward to a specific chapter, and then play uninterrupted from there to the end of the file

flag_split_vob_chapters     false



You can modify any skin to match your player functions (especially you're supposed to adapt some TVID for you player). With a TVID, you can press a button on your remote to perform a specific action. Here are some TVID : play, zoom, pgup, pgdn, esc, stop, repeat, green, blue, yellow, red. All TVID are not working on every player, you need to test ....

If you want some documentation about skins, please download this (PDF, 200kb)


wizd media server - This page has been edited on 29/08/2006