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wizd media server

Wizd is serving all your media (video, audio, photo...) to your networked player.

- automatically detected by your player
- browse faster than ever through your media
- no aditionnal server required (Apache, PHP...)
- low memory usage (less than 10 MB)
- fully customizable (skins and settings)

- read DVD-ISO backups and standard DVD backups
- bookmark feature for MPEG movies
- tumbnails mode to preview your pictures
- free and open-source :)

Wizd is working on the following platforms :
- Windows 98, Me, 2K, XP, 2003 (and probably Vista)
- Linux
- NAS : Linksys NSLU2, Freecom FSG3, Synology DS101/106...
  Wizd is bundled with Infrant ReadyNAS NV !

Wizd has been tested successfully on the following Networked players :
- I-O Data LinkPlayer
- Buffalo LinkTheater
- Snazio Net Cinema
- H&B DNX-8620
- Quartek WHD-500
- Quartek I-Box 800
- Transgear DVX 700
- Transgear DVX 500

- Pinnacle SC 200
- Omisys DVD PN210V
- DigitalRise Xstream Player

... and potentially all other players based on Syabas middleware.

wizdXP [config tool]

wizd is a simple DOS console which can be configured through a config file.
As a lot of people wished a nicer interface (mainly to configure settings and control the server), we also offer a configuration tool for Windows, named wizdXP.

wizdXP [ config tool for Windows ] allows you to :

Control wizd

  • start and stop wizd server from main window or notify tray icon
  • starts with Windows
  • minimize to notify tray

Configure wizd settings

  • setup wizard to configure basic settings
  • graphical-way to setup wizd
  • add virtual folders easily
  • define access restriction
  • preview and choose skin
  • compatible with almost all wizd settings

Manage config files

  • backup your wizd config file at any time
  • restore a previous config file

Additional features

  • create M3U playlist compatible with wizd
  • add online services on your player (Weather, Radios, TV...)
  • open wizd directly in a web browser under Windows
  • check for new version


Current wizd version is a modified version of the Wizd 0.12h rc3 server program (original source code wizd_0_12h_rc3.tar.gz) which in turn was based on the wizd 0.12 program.

Changes since wizd_0_12h

  • Compiles using Cygwin to run under Windows
  • Modified to work with the I-O Data LinkPlayer 2 in English.
  • Modified to support Transport Stream files (ts, tp)
  • Added support for Internet Explorer shortcut files (url).
  • Includes libdvdread support added so you can navigate DVD directories by title and chapter.
  • Allow multiple aliases with the same name, and merge the directory contents
  • Allow alternate skins which get selected based on the User-Agent string
  • Improve thumbnail support to include support for folder.jpg and [foldername].jpg and tn_[foldername].jpg
  • Added DVD title and chapter durations, audio track information, chapter listings, and a HIRES skin (all thanks to Kevin Brown)
  • Added support for creating default slideshow and/or soundtrack playlists, and for copying those playlists to a directory. These options appear on the "options" menu, when you press the setup button on the remote. Also improved the layout of the options menu.
  • Improved support for slideshows, support simultaneous slideshow/music if both file types are present.
  • Fixed a bug where the last title set on a DVD would get replaced with the VIDEO_TS folder. Now the VIDEO_TS folder get added after the last title.
  • added ability to delete files from the server using the LinkPlayer, limit bookmarks to only video/mpeg files, some more tweaks to the streaming, made the theme bitmaps a little nicer, improved the documentation.
  • made the theme bitmaps a little nicer, added a number column to the directory listing (for directly selecting an item by number) and changed the default stream buffer parameters in the wizd.conf file to "good" values
  • some streaming improvements, updated the cygwin1.dll file
  • added bookmarks, fixed some bugs, added more configuration options for the buffering/streaming parameters
  • added directory aliases (work like shortcuts or symbolic links), fixed a bug in the DVD chapter playlist generation
  • added recursive "shuffle" option, fixed a couple bugs
  • fixed a bug in the server announcement, added recursive "play all" function
  • add abilility to read DVDs from ISO files
  • add chapters at 10% intervals for faster skipping
  • possibly better support for files which increase in size after starting playback
  • Better randomization functions
  • Automatically randomized the default playlists
  • Add "secret" aliases (hidden links to absolute paths)
  • Allow cropping of JPEG images to better fill up a 16:9 screen
  • Put mime-type mappings into the wizd.conf file so they can be modified
  • Add thumbnail view to show thumbnails of JPEG images
  • Press "zoom" to toggle between thumbnail and list views
  • Press "clear" to play the default song list with the default photo list


Example screen on your
player (Simplicity Skin)

Images thumbnails
(Simplicity Skin)

Example screen on your
player (H&B Skin)







Main window

Configure wizd

Setup wizard (Page 1)

Setup wizard (Page 2)

Setup wizard (Page 3)

Create playlists


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