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Wizd has been tested successfully on Windows 98 through XP.
If you want to use the Windows configuration tool (wizdXP), you need .NET Framework 2.0 installed :


To install wizd, unzip the files to your hard drive, then edit the wizd.conf file to change the "alias" lines to point to your desired video, photo, and music files.

If you are upgrading from version 0_12h_pvb_12 or earlier, then either use the included wizd.conf file as a starting point, or copy the mime type mappings from the include wizd.conf file to your configuration files. This is necessary because the mime type mappings must now be defined in the wizd.conf file.

You could also use the all-in-one package (easy installation and setup wizard).


[media server]


v24 [ 07/11/2006 ]
What's new (v24) :
- Search feature supported in simplicity skins and linkplayer_hires2 skin
- "Last added files" feature on linkplayer it is selected with the "clr" button
- A beautiful optional start page only implemented in simplicity skin currently
- Favorite feature (to access easily some of your folders of web pages) only implemented in simplicity skin currently
- html files associtated with video and music files as with thumbnails, it is now possible to create a wizd_movie.html file if you have a movie.xxx (where xxx is one of the movie or music formats) then you can create a wizd_movie.html and it will be accessed by clicking on the movie or music thumbnail. currently only supported in the simplicity skins and linkplayer_hires2 skin
- support for Movie and Music Collector. If you use either Movie or Music Collector then new templates are provided that allow you to either export a movie or music from the collector database and save it as wizd_xxx.html. The templates are included under the linkplayer_hires2 directory.
- windows shortcuts now support provided they point to a file in an alias or in the docroot directory
- new config flag allows one to add an index.html to a directory and have it read rather than the normal skin. Variable substitution will NOT be performed on the file.
- new config flag allows one to add an wizd.html to a directory and have it read rather than the normal skin. variable substitution will be performed on the file
- add -c option to allow for multiple wizd's to run simultaneously
- Re-worked "Simplicity" skin
- Mimetype for FLAC audio files added (your player need FLAC support to read them)


[config tool for


v1.03 [ 07/11/2006 ]
What's new :
- BUG FIX : after editing a playlist, filenames were not properly saved
- BUG FIX : sometimes, minimize function was not working properly for main window
- BUG FIX : plugins activation was not always detected
- BUG FIX : plugin without description was crashing the application
- Supports new settings from wizd v24
- Skins page has been reworked
- Smart/Alternative skins have a preview when you add/edit them
- "Plugins" renamed to "Online Services"
- New help files (button at the bottom in Configuration window)
- Reworked "Check update" feature
- New page to select TV format in Wizard
- Uninstaller : now asks for wizd.conf deletion instead of always keeping this file
- Uninstaller : some files were not deleted (in Local Application directory)





LinkPlayer : english skin, both in SD and HD versions (bundled with wizd)
Simplicity :
english skin, both in SD and HD versions (bundled with wizd)

H&B : french skin, both in SD and HD versions
Wizd : english skin, both in SD and HD versions


all-in-one package


v1.03 [ 07/11/2006 ]
This version is a "ready-to-go" package which includes :
- wizd media server v24
- wizdXP v1.03 (English and French)
- new skins (H&B and Wizd)


Setup Wizd on a Freecom FSG-3 [NEW]
Wizd on Gentoo (OS for Kurobox) [NEW]
Wizd for Kuru box (still at version 0_12h_pvb_12)
Unslung package for NSLU2


Download ALL from SourceForge


Source code

The source code is available from the SourceForge wizd project CVS archive.  For details on how to access this archive, see the CVS instructions page.

If you want to compile wizd yourself using cygwin, then you will need the libdvdread library, which can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.videolan.org/pub/videolan/contrib/libdvdread-20041028.tar.bz2 You will need to patch this to get the byte-swapping functions included. You can simply edit the bswap.h file to fix this, or apply this patch: libdvdread-20041028-pvb.diff.zip.

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